SANDA's membership is opened to all Deaf individuals, organisations and institutions that provide and/or promote a range of comprehensive human and development services to Deaf communities.

Membership Rules:

• Membership is open to South Africans who are ordinary resident in South Africa.
• Membership is available to anyone from the age of 16 years.
• Membership will be classified according to province from the application for membership originates.
• The free annual free membership is limited from January 2015 to December 2015.
Benefits of Membership:

• SANDA's quarterly newsletter - The Deaf Iindaba
• Invitations to community consultations and events
• Participation in SANDA members-only events
• Discounts at SANDA events, on SANDA merchandise and advertising
• Voting rights of Ordinary members at SANDA's businesses
• Representation at national and international leve

Membership Options

Membership is open to all Deaf persons of all ages and persuasions.

  1. ORDINARY MEMBERS - An Ordinary member is an individual or organization that is Deaf or Deaf-managed. Only Ordinary members have voting rights at SANDA affairs. This clause is designed to ensure that SANDA retains its character as a true consumer organisation, fully controlled by Deaf people.
  2. ASSOCIATE MEMBERS - An Associate member is an individual or organization that is not Deaf. Associate members receive the same benefits as Ordinary Members, but they have no voting rights in SANDA affairs. SANDA welcomes the support and interest of people who are not Deaf. Individuals and organisations can become members of SANDA.
  3. INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS - An individual joining SANDA as an individual member, also automatically becomes a member of SANDA at provincial or local level. A new member's application for membership will be decided by the Board of Directors at national level and then shared with SANDA at provincial or local level structure from which the membership application originates. An individual member will receive membership benefits from both SANDA at national level and SANDA at provincial and local level of the organization.
  4. CORPORATE MEMBERS - Corporate Membership is available to organisations that operate at a national level.
  5. ORDINARY NATIONAL CORPORATE MEMBERS - Membership is for any Deaf organisation operating at the national level in South Africa. The constitution of such organization must require it to have a majority of Deaf people on its Board of Directors or Management. It must promote the interest of Deaf people as its central objective.
  6. ASSOCIATE NATIONAL CORPORATE MEMBERS - Membership is for any organisation operating at the national level in South Africa. The organization must promote the interests of Deaf people.

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