Board of Directors

The composition of the board of directors mirrors the microcosm of the South African Deaf and disability community and the society as a whole of which SANDA is part.

The members of the Board of Directors comprise the majority of Deaf and hard of hearing people. The Board of Directors is responsible to the Deaf community for setting the direction of the SANDA through establishment of strategic objectives and development of key national policies. The Board considers issues of strategic direction, major programmes and approves major capital expenditure and other matters having a material effect on SANDA.

SANDA’s Board of Directors have a wide range of expertise and experience in coordination, consultation, facilitation, policy analysis, policy development, lobbying and advocacy, dissemination of information, awareness raising, monitoring and evaluation, South African Sign Language Interpreting, and research in Deaf issues in particular and disability in general. The Board also boasts significant experience in financial, legal, lectureship, government and artistic activities.

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